Our Projects

Buildings and Interiors


There are all kinds of reasons to film in and around the built environment, we have provided films for production crews based abroad, who need to see what a building looks like internally as part of the design process of an installation and corresponding event, It may come down to public access – specifically lack of it – for various reasons, it could be to increase footfall to the real thing.. 

Products and Experiences


We have created experiences for major manufacturers who know that a car buyer wants to experience new products before they are available, or the thrill of speed around Silverstone, or to experience a concept years before reality.



Exhibitions are often the best environment to use the medium of VR and immersive film, transporting attendees outside the exhibition hall, and using the power of empathy to get across complex stories and ideas. This has been a method of introducing the technology to hundreds of people, and amazing them with the vision of somewhere they are not.



Immersive film can be a great way to give access to difficult to reach, or delicate heritage sites.

Live and Direct


Experience the music from the best vantage points, with the best sound.



Experience the world with quicker travel time.

Our Clients