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VR is a new frontier and though the concept has been around for some time, technology is now at a place where it works and will be widely available to consumers across the globe.


At 360events we use multiple GoPro cameras in particular types of configuration, depending on a number of circumstances, to capture high quality film. This is stitched together on powerful computers using Kolor software, and then output so that it can be viewed on several types of device.


It’s happening now and it’s only getting bigger.


360events operate across the UK and Australia, providing the film, edit and training services listed on this website The beauty of a 360° film is that you can view places and have experiences in Tipperary or Timbuktu, from where ever you might actually be in the world.


Basic VR headsets range from a few pounds to around £250; large amounts of content are freely available via the links shown throughout this website.

For prices on services and training contact: info@360events.co