Who We Are?

Our Work

We provide specialist services relating to the technical and creative requirements of branding agencies, marketing companies and event organisers. We produce films in standard and immersive formats, are expert training providers for 360 video and consult and produce other services relating to the event industry. 

Extraordinary Experiences

Immersive video is an excellent empathetic medium for filming any event or experience, we will find the best way to do this to get results that exceed expectation. We’ve worked on a variety of projects for marketing, promotions, entertainment and education. Cinematic VR is in its infancy and we are constantly refining filming techniques and post production methods to move the medium forward.

We have a variety of options regarding how we film, and always look for new ways to provide an end product that pushes the boundaries of possible.


360events operates in the UK, Australia and the USA, we wer the UK trainer for Kolor APG/AVP software (GoPro VR), and trained people around the world in camera set up and video stitching. Due to that training program we have links globally with certified videographers and can make your project happen, whereever it happens to be.